About Valerie's Sessions

What clients say about Valerie's teaching work and sessions...

My wife and I have had several sittings with Valerie over the years and the level of accuracy of the information, specifically when predicting future events, has been remarkable. It is this level of accuracy that makes us go back to her.
GN, Birmingham

Your reading was so helpful. I realise now that Writing is my vocation. I have a clearer goal and a sense of excitement in my mind.
JN, New York

Your reading gave me such energy, hope and determination - feelings I haven't had for - oh ages. When I left I was filled with a real sense of elation and warmth.
PB, London

Your reading was sensitive and inspiring and since then I have known a sense of peace and reassurance which has been missing from my life for ages. It was truely a delight to meet you and to have your support and loving kindess pointing me in the right direction mentally and spiritually.
FH, West Sussex

I feel better after the sitting, reassured and settled, knowing that I can express what is in my heart honestly.
GF, Athens

Great sitting with you. It was so spot on! Your connection is a very pure and accurate one - thank you.
AW, California

What an inspiring and healing time we had together. I feel incredibly optimistic and truly 'seen.'
GM, Edinburgh

Receiving all the information you were able to give me has really had a significant impact. It all made sense and I now have a direction and purpose which I certainly didn't have before we spoke.
JL, Berlin

I realise now, I have a clearer goal and a sense of excitement in my mind. Thank you.
SF, London

Thank you for all your support. Your kind words and advice mean a lot, to point me in the right direction and give reassurance.
MS, Norfolk